omg lish and i had so much fun tonight… we hung out at my place for a bit, then we headed to rigalis for some good eatin subs… then we went to the eugue ryu building and watched them do karate for a bi while i caught up with rodney… then of the the shack we went… chilling iwth jordan, pat and jason…. omg we were all laghin n being stupid and you know that song that goes “drop it like its hot, drop it like its hot” ya well soemthin came up and me and lish were chanted “flop it like a fish, flop it like a fish” caz her boyfriend was sayin something stupid pertainin to that , and then we were talkin about…  Tripp and Trey and how hot our twin friends were fromflorence kentucky that worked at the movie gallary… ok ya it was al a joke and they never existed but we were just tryin to make her boyfriend mad, it started to work til the guys talked again…. ya then when we were leaving we were callin jason out “hot tamale” and i look at at and i was liek dude your our black licorish! and hes like OMG GET OUT, those are  like the nastiest of all! and i was like dude, ok how about good and plenty hes like WTF?!  i jsut laughed and told him i’d come up with something good for him… and when we were leaving i told lish o look theres the dill pickle,,,,while pointing at her bf… o it was funny! this might be one of the nights where you just had to be there i dunno….. but then when we were on our way home we passed a drivers ed car and i was like dude is sandy in there (our drvers ed teacher) so we drove by them really really slow and the kid was like lookin at us funny… so we drove down to the next 4 way stop and this kid beeped at up and waved so lish yelled at him for beepin at us but i turned and then turned around so he thought we were followin him but instead i was headin towards cole caz i knew where the drivers ed car was goin…. caz we dorve that rode as well so i get to cole and when i’m turnin on the next road the drivers ed car was just stopin at the stop sign and he looked all freaked out caz we were folling him and stuff! it was so FUNNY and then on alicia’s ay home she passed him again and he like looked like he was gonna freak er watever… o we had a blast!…. and those freaky guys in the ghetto van at rilgalis were hysterical…man o man…. made some memories tonight.. it was fun!  k lata all



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