time to update my life….

everything has been going decently well lately, i had an interview with sprint itn the mall yesterday and i’m pretty sure it went well, in fact he had one iterview to go and he’d already done several and i was the best yet, so unless this last one blows him out of the water, i got it! so thats exciting… adn i wonder if my manager has heard rumors about my pending new job caz now that i think i’m in… she ups my hours an extra 5, which isn’t that big of a deal…. but it adds up over time and ugh! i’m so tired anymore as it is…. wat am i thinkin gettina  new job? i know wats gion on… i’m crazy, full blown crazy!  k well i have to go wash my hair and go to work!


p.s. did i ever mention i HATE the mall?


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