today was fun… i actually got up in time for skool, i get to skool on time and decide i don’t really feel like goin to class so i just sit around in my car debating on goin in, finally giving in– i did…then i went out to breakfast with anna, and went to the mall with vicky later, and i skipped my last class totally… then i went to btown and chilled with my friends, ok i helped clean out a car and watched 4 guys play video games in between the time i was sleeping.. but i was invited to dinner with the rest of the cool fam which was totalyl yummy! MMMmmMmMMMmmMmMm  then i left ok i was asked to leave caz 3 more guys showed up and i wasn’t cool enough to stay jk it was guy time then i talked on the phone for a bit w a really cool friend and now i’m checkin my email and i think i’m actually gonna go to bed early tonight caz i didn’t really consider earlier to be a genuine nap hehe so g’nite all!




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  1. woot I know you!! haha Hey it was fun hangin out with you! We def’n need to do it again, I mean considering you live 5 minutes away from me!!! haha It’s a small world!!! Well have a nice weekend!! I know I will! and if you get bored gimme a call….def’n goin to some hoppin parties and there’s always room for one more.

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