i’m at skool bored as heck right now… my class starts in 10 min adn i have yet to read the 10 “books” (chapters) she assigned us… i think i’m gonna drop the class becuase i don’t enjoy it, all i do is sleep in it so ya— boo on mythology!

2nd note… i’m changing my major, i dont’ want to do marketing anymore… i’m seriuosly thinkin of international relations or something to do with kids, i want to work with kids, i think i’d enjoy it… maybe i’ll be an art teacher! that’d be soo much fun, but of course i realy wouldn’t get anywehre with it… so maybe not… but lemme knwo what you guys think about everyhting…   choose A, B, or C

A) stay with marketing adn move to tennesee (Ohio State College)

B) international relations and travel all over the world (Wright State)

C) be a skool teacher and have the reputation as the coolest/ best teacher a kid could ever have… haha (Wright State)

over and out




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