so travis told me i needed to post a new blog…. so here it is….


k so i started skool yesterday… its ok, tuesdays and thursdays are gonna be loooooooooong tho! but it can’t be too bad! o and as of tonight i am officially  working security at ichthus, well for the most part anywayz, so ya! i’m excited about that and uhm…. fun thing that happened today? i dunno in between classes i got to see like 3 of my friends from TCS so it was like a reunion! and then leave it to my friends to make me sound like a total flooze! whoever you are you know wat i mean- now THAT was embarrassing and besides that today i…

fell asleep in mythology

was late for math class

went to tfc for the 2nd day in a row

picked up a guitar for the first time in like 3 weeks


ya thats all i can think of….o and i talked on the phone a WHOLE bunch today to my totally awesome friends! so tah dah!




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