is it wrong for me to be so happy to leave this town? i mean liek the town ya, of course not, but i’m leaving everyone i love, and at this point i couldn’t care less…. just kinda makes me feel bad caz i know i’l gonna actually LEAVE leave someday and i’m not going to look back and part of me just wants to forget everythign i have here and start over with a new identity beacuse it’ll be such an awesome opportunity to be gone away from this place, btu then i look back and realize how cruel, like i’m slapping everyone here in the face saying, i’m not going to miss you, and i dont’ care if i see you again because i am looking forward already in love with where i’m going– that i may as well jsut leave and never return, no emails, letters or phone calls… i’ve said enough!




p.s. i’m in kentucky til thursday… leave me some love!


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