today was another day where everything i did was kind of a routine…

*woke up

*went to skool

*took a test

*went to work

*went to dentist

*went to shop

*ate lunch


*came home

*ate cereal

*checked email

*fell asleep

*woke up

*ate dinner (2 pieces of bread– not hungry)

*watched tv


*practice guitar/homework

*checked email again

*fell asleep doing homework


my life is so throughly predictable…. like i do a routine almost exactly like that like at least 3 days a week. how pathetic is that?   i just need some diversity in my life… well it starts here this week. after tomorrow i’m done with skool, so i’m sleepin til noon and working the rest of the day HAHA–  and then next week i’m off to kentucky! i can’t wait, not thats wat i call a REAL vacation!


i need to get my bootcamp app finished so i can prepare myself for thursday morning!   AH

okey doke– nite nite





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