I had a big day today…

this was one of those days I set out living life on my own again, ok not on my own of course God was with me, but you know, sad college loner and all my friends are in worlds of their own…. anyways, ya I woke up early for me and actually left for church BEFORE it started!  so ya I only got there like 10 min late. after church we hung out a little and steph invited me to lunch with the girls, I said hey sure y not, I was on my way to lunch fully aware I had a TFC bootcamp meeting @ 2 or so I thought… on my way I had a hunch that wasn’t the true time of my upcoming meeting. so I gave my long lost amazing Christian TFC friend a ringy dingy… hence my hunch was correct and I was to be there eat 1… dum dum dum…. now since this is me and the way my life always seems to be, its current 12:42, yes thats right, I have 18 min to get home, eat change and drive back into lima and make it to the teens for Christ office. And yes me being a speed demon I was only 2 min late. (ok I cheated I had cat pick me up drive-thru since thats where she was when I called her) but anywayz, I get here and ya found out I really didn’t have to be there until 130- figures, its the story of my life, so we hang out and eat and chat and get me some camo clothes to show I’m the newest Lt. on board, yes thats right my name is now Lt. Neeley and ONLY Lt. Neeley hehehe….. well we began the meeting by praying fro the teens before they came in and then we all as leaders knelt in the hallways to the lobby where we hold the meeting and as the teens filing in in single order we sit in the hallway and pray for each one of them and the group as a whole, it was an amazing way to start out the meeting.  we then talked and got to know the kids and stuff and then broke off into our groups/platoons and got to know each other, shared stories of previous bootcamps and such. the meeting went quick but it ended in much and much prayer, all in all an amazing meeting, I then came home and devoted the rest of my day to lounging and reading, except for the occasional burn on my finger as a result from another fight with my sister. heh heh, I won! but besides that, I got many o many pages done in my book, and absolutely no studying done. in the midst I chatted with a few friends and then ya that was pretty much my day.

now for the “under the skin” relapse…. I really feel like God wants to do something with me and i really believe I am supposed to be at bootcamp this year, that I’m not in there on a whim. I want to do this for him and I dont’ want to go just because it seems like fun or I just want to do something nice for God but becuase I was to play a part in God’s plan. I believe I can be an asset to these kids and help them grow as teenagers fully devoted to God and I want to go where God leads me and I believe this is on place where I’m supposed to go… now I know I have alot of work to do, and buck told us as leaders that if theres anything in ours lives to take care of its got to be taken care of HERE and NOW, not at bootcamp. bootcamp is for the teens as leaders they can’t have the attention and focus on the leaders breakin down and the kids wondering wats going on… so this time is for me here and now to get it taken care of, not only that but i have a 2 book inductive bible study to do on 1 and 2 kings that needs to be finished by the end of may. so I have my work cut out for me… but God is gonna do something great I know it… I just want to be ready! I really really want to be ready. I must admit at the meeting today I felt intimidated like I was at my first bootcamp meeting, but not caz I dont’ know wat to expect caz I’m on the other side this year, but because I feel like I’m at the bottom of the todum pole with alot of weight to carry, caz the team is only as strong as the weakest player right? and I’m afraid thats me and I dont’ want it to be, but I am kinda takin on a responsibility the lives of 25 other kids…. so I just need prayer and that God will do a work in me and that I will daily surrender myself and take up my cross and fight my way back to the top, I know I can do it caz God can do it in me! WHO- HA! 

also I want to thank my friends who daily encourage me, who love me for who I am ,and are there for me whenever wherever all time anytime 24/7. without you I’d prob break and explode! you know who you are and thank you for everything and especially being there for me tonight!

well I think thats all for now… now its time to study for math caz I have ea final at 8 and I haven’t pulled out anything to prepare for it– like at all… so nitey nite!




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