been forever, it always seems to be my opening line anymore… but yes skool is over in fact my party is this weekend!! but life has been good lately well sort of… now i’m jsut scared… when people say things chagne when you graduate they weren’t kidding… like things were cool, we all finally bonded on the senior trip like we were one all year and grauation what amazing, btu its only been overl ike 4 days and i see our friendships crumbling beneath us… not liek it did during skool where you kenw it’d be better the next day when you were forced to see wach otehr and you had to keep thigns civil… but now now that we choose whether to see each otehr things are different… thign are all wrong! like i’m already scared for everything that will be goin on in the next year……


10. Mollys screwing her life up not doing what she wants

9. anna moving in with mike next week

8. a


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