Dang its been forever since I’ve written… well here’s the new news…. mattys 21!!! I’m 18!!! My friends hate me, well just Ali, molly, nick, and ya all their friends… uhhh I made choir ensemble, that’s pretty cool. Uhhhh I don’t like any guy currently, thats a shocker- sorta, but I got 2 months to find a guy… (For banquet duh!) Uhm I got pulled over 3 days b4 my b-day!! Haha, no ticket tho, the guy just told me happy b-day and told me to be careful 39 ina 25 in Elida woo hoo… not tryin that again. Oh its freakin cold right now, we already survived like the biggest snow storm in the country for this year, we had a ice storm and no power for 3 days it was crazy, but fun lisha and steph stayed for the whole week/wknd, and Shannon and matt came over and visited, that was cool, lets see what else has happened, ooo i got a takamine G530C guitar for my b-day!! I worked like 70 hours over Christmas…that was cool.. And we almost won a game the other nite again ridgemont but we lost in overtime by 1 pt.!! Oh ya and last but not least… Coach is pregnant!! Its soo exciting!!!


Well gotta go nitey nite!! Lata



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