i look up

and its goin round and round

i look down

and my feet are planted on the ground

the world is spinning

around my head

things would make sense

if i could start over instead

so many thoughts

so many regrets

so many people

that i owe debts

my friends are there for me

as i was for them

but why is this time

much more different

i’m such a jerk

such a tease

such a lier

so not me

when did all this start to happen

it was gradual, careful

then all of a sudden

they had me hooked

they had me caught

stuck in a net

that i struggled and fought

i try to break free

pull myself out

theres only silence from my voice

when i scream and shout

i’ve lost all my trust

i’ve lost all my repect

i don’t seem to care anymroe

i’ve failed all the tests

i try to cry out

i do long for help

but once i get close

all the hope becomes sheltered

i’m so fake

so gone

walking backwards

in a world i don’t belong

God help me to change

help me to try

fix all my mistakes

Can you hear my cry?




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