ok well i’ve been in skool for like 7 weeks so ya… everything has happened!!

i’ll just make a list

1)concert went great! i made it through ok and 3 guys got saved it was awesome, and anna, ali, nick, alicia and shannon came!! it was fun. but lish and shannon left b4 i could say bye but its ok

2)alicia’s cancer came back but its ok now, caz ….

3) skool started its goin ok, no new peeps in our class–kinda glad! and then after a week of getting adapted, me and lish went off to colombus and she had her leg amputated… surgery #5! and ya. so shes already recovered and everythings goin great!

4) i got a job!! i started yesterday, ok get this, i got paid to watch movies and fill out papers… but ya i got to do it one more day and then get register trained… woo hoo! not! but its all hunky dory

5)i leave 4 illinios today, for debbie’s daughters wedding… ya! and i’m driving with g-ma…

6) sweetest day is tomorrow and ya. end of discussion

7) alicia gets her prosthetic leg next week, but she told me that shes not comin to skool til i’m here caz i’m gonna be in vegas the week she comes back hehe

8)ooo shannon got a new car. ok his car keeps breaking so he went out and got a new one and is pretty sure hes already got it sold, he now has a 2000 Grand Prix…i like!! its soo awesome, but ya

9) i went to an avalon concert this week and i won a jacket and my phone went off in the middle (quite embarrassing) but it was fun and i got to hang out with cat so it all worked out

10) ya and i’ve been playing the bass at cable road alliance, its been cool, and then i guess i’m considered in marty’s band, hehe but ya, that practice went ok besides the fact i didn’t’ have a bass amp! LOL but it was fun!!

11) anna is now with another guy, his name is Mike and hes really nice (at first he thought i was the single one) woops! hehe and ya hes soo sweet and doin all this stuff for her, but ya we keep teasing her and callin her like “lil” and “one week” and “fortnight” lol we get it

12) basketball has started! oh ehm jee….. ya alis not playin annas not playin and tiffany might not be playing!! winw?!?!?

13) oo matt and tiff are great!! i love them to death!! i stayed at their house a couple weeks ago it was fun and ya chewy is totally adorable…. but i think they’re goin to put him down today so sad.. but its not like we can help it! so ya…

well anyways back to now…


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