i feel like i’m suffocating

in a world gone mad

everythigns moving forward

as i take a step back

my head begins to pound

my heart begins to ache

am i the only one whos real

and you the one thats fake

i feel like a victim trapped

every airway is closed

the darkness overwhelms me

as the light i see is posed

i try to look around

but my eyes sting from the pain

the empty room fills with dust

and i am desperate to stay sane

the nasty harmful words

tear me up and down

daggers tearing in my back

my screams are the only sound

i hear voices in my head

but everything seems empty

reality starts coming back

and theres people all around me

staring with confused faces

i’m crumpled on the floor

the words, the expressions, the looks

i can’t take it anymore




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