living in a world thats not my own

wishing her character could be my own

not a worry in her eyes

her true identity is disguised

shes sweeps her hair off her shoulder

and walks a little bolder

as she faces a new life

filled full of excitement

but she slightly holds back

and gives herself flack

she walks the walk

and talks the talk

her life is nothing but a catalog

and hourly analog

she becomes the miss prom queen

but shes invisible and unseen

she tilts her head and smiles her best

her reputation takes care of the rest

her life seems so predictable

do i want to be that dull?

why can’t i just be myself

i’m playin the role of somebody else

this life is for her not me

would someone please set me free

caz this is the way it shouldn’t be

i change my mind of who i am

i was never somebody else to begin

i miss the pain , fear and tease

its what made life all that sweet




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