If I came crying; would you ask whats wrong

Would you give me a shoulder; that I can lean on

If tomorrow wasn’t coming; and today was my last

would you remind of before; and the great times in our past

would you cry a tear with me; and laugh with all your soul

and show me there’s no end to life; and that God is in control

would you listen to my last few words; and hear what I have to say

life here on earth doesn’t go on forever; but we have to live for Him everyday

you can’t just say you believe He’s real; you cant just do good things

you have to repent, accept and change; by the obstacles that He brings

life gets hard; but He never leaves your side

He’s there for you He talks to you; and He’ll never run and hide

and sometimes life just sucks; and sometimes you get scared

and sometimes you stop and forget about Him; and  forget He’s even there

but He doesn’t forget you; and He knows your everything feeling

and sooner or later you come running back to Him; and He’ll perform another healing

You say religions not for you; well that’s not what this is

its a relationship between you and Him; where he will call you His

He doesn’t even forget about you; and He will always always love

we will screw up and Hell test our faith; but His true mercy is from above

these are words I’ve wanted to say; of how life is really that sweet

and I know that when I get to heaven; I’ll be kneeling at His feet

don’t let this chance pass you by; I’m so serious about all this

its for me, its for you, its for everyone; don’t you too want to taste that sweet bliss?




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