omg– i’m such a baby!! i’ve been reading alot of my old entries, and i’m such a crybaby, something goes wrong and i freak!! this is something i’m definatley goin to pray about, me growing up, i’ve come to the conclusion….. I NEED TO GROW UP, whether i like it or not, i have to, no more said, in the mean time i have to clean the house, and go on with life, i’m not being punished like i feel, it just shows tha tif i can do this without complaining and doin it happily, i am honoring my parents by beign respectful adn i’m honoring God!! ya!! such an amazing feeling, well i’moff, i’ll post ya lata


btw….. if i offended anyone by anything i said in previous entries i apologize, i was being stupid and immature and it was wrong so i am sorry!! love ya all alot!


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