omg ok yesterday was alright, i dn’t remember much of the morning but oh well then i left the shop in the afternoon went home then grabbed my shoes and went runnin in elida then i came hoem and went swimmin and then wnt to church, left there and went to 4h, went back to church and then i was there til 10:45, well i went to arbys afterwards and met matty and tiff there then eddie and pete came well i went in got my food, then talked to paul, wyatt,a nd otehr tfc peeps, then went over and talked to pete an eddie, then on my way out i stopped over and talked to cat and john V. man o man i wasn’t kiddin when i knew more than half the peeps in arbys that nite, well i left there around 11:45 (cerfew is 11) but i was ok…. well i get on and i  talk to a few peeps, theni get off and go call Matt around 12 well we ended up talkin for like 5 hours, literally (we hung up at 5 something), it was a really great loooonnnngggg convo…. man we talked about EVERYTHING (past relationships, friends, current problems, old tv shows, goosebump series, and a bunch more i’m havin touble rememberin at this hour) but i’d do it all over again if i could….. matt, if ya read this, it was fun times, but lets not try that at least for another couple weeks lol, but thanks for caring and understandin and puttin up with a crazy chaotic girl like me!! lol

now for today

wow a good day… it was ok i woke up at noon then anna came by and showed me her really cute new haircut, then i went to the shop did a lil bit of nothin aunt summer came by and then dropped off old christmas presents and then we picked up check and came back, then shannon came and picked up his car…. we talked for a few min then i came home did a few things on the computer.. ate dinner and then left for bible study.. it was really good Troy talked about the “sons” of God and what our duty is…. real good then Jim talked and he got started on what Sunday wil be about so i’m excited for that and then we hung out in the parking lot afterwards and we checked out the park then we went to mcdonalds where troy is tellin us that hes goin to start cuttin hair at the shop really funny…..and then i came home, got online and talked toa bunch of peeps, i know now that everything is ok between me and kendra…. me an matt can find the best songs in teh world and i can sleep happen tonite, and am able to get more sleep and not have to sleep in til 12 hehehe.. i’m goin to bed 3 hours early tonite lol…..nite!



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