omg yesterday was soooo much fun!!

ok I got up on my own (mom went to breakfast and dad and Alexis were at some races in Michigan) got dressed in like 5 min and ran out the door….. I made it to church in plenty of time and of course no mini sermon….so we got right into praise n worship, but I got the hang up it pretty good and it wasn’t that bad….. well the message was really good too, I listened really well and took lots of notes and even marked my bible up, he had talked about the “spirit of the moabites” and like comparing them to Israel they were the same but missing something, Israel had the spirit of God and the moadbites just had religion…. and thats whats goin on today, all these churches is just a religion, something to go to on sunday, but theres no spirit of God taking place in their lives, it was good……. but anywayz, i left church and stopped at ajs and the gas station and then went home, i sat at the computer for like 5 min and then anna called so she came over and we hung out for a few min…… but then we were talkin to matt online so we’re like we’re gonna go meet up with him…… so we leave and go to walmart first, well we look at makeup and hairstuff, and then we were walking out to the car and these guys in this chevy extreme were watching us so they pull around and park about 2 spaces form us, so while we were walkin out i was like anna look behind you and she turns around and she was like oooo but they were watching us, so we kinda quickly walk to our car and we have to wait to pull out when we do those guys do too! so we get to the light at cable and elida and we get stuck waiting… well we go around the turn and we see a red tiburnon that we think is alisha’s so we start to follow it while we’re being followed and then they turn into the mall and (its not then) we go aonther direction, well those guys were still following us so we play chasin games all around the parking lot and then we just hurry anfd park, but ingenius anna parks where there is an open spot right across from us too. well we sit there for a few min doin our makeup n stuff and those gusy pull in behind us….. well they leave after another few min and we get outa the car and take off running, well while we’re goin in they pass by us, and we run out in front of this other red car with these guys in it and they whistle at us as we go into the mall and we’re like omg……. so we go in and like run to old navy and wait, well matt is in spencers at this time and me and anna are txting matt and “looking” around, well finally we leave old navy, and keepin a close eye out for anyone we knew (we weren’t dressed the best) and those guys… we sit outside of spencers and wait a couple more min then we’re like ok lets just go in, so we go inside and hes right there, well we tlak to him for a little bit and look around, we met his x f who didn’t really seem to like us, but oh well, and we left a l il bit lata and went down to wet seal, then we all kinda went our separate ways and headed out and matt said by to us and gave us hugs (which seemed to really piss his x off haha) and me and anna went to go get pretzels well who do we see but amber high and her bf… great! well we talk to her for a few min and hurry and get inline, well we sit down and are eating and then i look up and the one person i didn’t not want to see was stephanie form church, and thats exactly who it was….. i look up and go OMG and put my had back down, and of al lthe times of seeing esach other she comes over and talks ot us for a few min, finally she leaves and i was like omg omg omg and anna is just laughing soo hard, because in her words we were dresed like sluts and that was one thing they talked about at church today was how christian girls dress, i was like GREAT!! not really, but we hurry and finish up and leave well on our way out these guys pass us, well they start walkin in front of us and over hear that we are leaving so we head out and half way out to the car we see one of those guys starts following us, so we’re like omg omg omg, and anna started jogging i’m like anna its ok, so we get in the car adn he keeps gettin closer and we’re stil likeomg, well we put our seatbelts on and he starts the car and he comes up to her window and asks for her number for his friend, so she gives it to him and we take off…she tells me to grab the phone caz she says he’ll prob cal lsoon if he calls at all then we got to talkin about guys and callin while we decided to go back to walmart to see if those guys who followed us to the mall were there or not, well they weren’t so we head to mejier and i didn’t ee anyone i knew working so we leave… well we wanted to go to the park “playground” so we dirve by and no one is there so we go by her “brothers house” but mostly to see if cody (his neighbor) was home he was, so i told her to lay on her horn when we drove by so she did anfd we went by again and i was like anna beep and she slike what?!?! so i laid on the horn and she almost took out a mail box, so we started bustin up laughin, like really really hard, the nwe take off and go to the gomer park and we turn into the dads club drive and theres this house and they’re havin a grad party er something and everyone there waves at us as we drive by and again we like omg and we started laughing like so hard and we park adn we settle down but then these skateboarders went by and they were watchin us funny but we hurry and take off and then we dirve by kurt’s hosue and shes like ooooo i didn’t know kurt lived down here and we drove by and i’m like therse the hosue and shes lik should i beep now and so i just lean over and lay on the horn and we’re half way down the road and shes laiughing and watchin his house and i look up and grab the wheel and turn it real quick caz she almost nailed his mailbox so i started laughing with tears alomst rollin down my face and we somehow made it home safely so we go in and i get on the computer real quick fora few minand anna starts play in on the piano, so i leavea and away message and go over and start singing with her as she plays well i start playing with her hair and i tell her to play thorugh the song again caz i wasn’t done yet and i end up gettin a bunch of bobby pins and start makin a really funky updo, when right when i’m almost done with her hair her phone starts ringin and its that guy from the mall, ended up he kept the number and didn’t give it to his friend (if it was for him anywayz) adn he starts talkin adn he gives nana a number that she can call at, well when they hang up we go upstairs and we get changed and go swim, well anna forgot her hairband inside right b4 we got in and shes like lemme go get it real quick well she goes up to the door and shes like uhhhh brittany. and i was lik eya and shes like its locked so i started laughing at her and tell that won’t work then and so we go aorund front in our little swimsuits and walkin on the sotnes barefoot, shes like how in the world you do, owww, walk oww on these owwwww and i was just laughin and we go in and shes brushes her hair b4 we go out and i’m like ann ayour obsessed and shes like no i’m not, well we go out and get in the pool and talk fo rlike ten min then we wanted to invite pepes over, but realized it would be a hassle and not alot of peeps were in town anywayz….. so we go in and get changed and i convince her to go on a run with me so we get changed and go to the elida track well we stretch out and take a couple of laps and we realized we ocmpletely forgot to bring water or anything to drink fo rthat matter, adn while we were gettin off the track my mom pulls in (she was in spencertucky all day) and she talks to us fora few and she ordrs dinner and gives us money, well we take off and go to ajs first and get slushes and then we go to sizzlin and sit out in the car and wait on them to finish our food, we’re sittin out there really quiet and then anna was lik wow we’re really quiet and i was like ya i know……. we’re just htinkin but its all good…. then we go in and see the high’s parents and talk to them and we get the food and leave and go home we eat asmuch as we could b4 we burst and went upstairs to get cahnged to go to meijer…. well i jsut lay on my bed whlie she does her makeup and i’m like ok whatever and i get dressed… capris and sweatshirt… (great outfit for the winter, lol ) and she changes back into her “slutty” lol tube top and we leave and we walk in and i grab a cart and annas like wtf do u need a cart for and i was just laughing and we push it aournd and go to the toys and we see josh workin so we talk to him for a few and look at more toys and then we go and look at the cds and barbies, lol and makeup and hair stuffa nd then we take our bood pressure and anna sees a bottle of nail polish she likes and i graba  brush for my car and we’re carryin it around in our cart that shes keeps trying to get me to dithch…. then we walk down and tell josh bye and we walk back to the otehr side of the store to see if tony is workin and to look at flowers for steves crash site….. and we find some that she likes and we start to leave and i see nicole and i yell hows the pregnant girl!! and she looks at me and starts laughin (i haven’t seen her in months and hse works there) and we start talkin and she tells me shes gonna have a boy, and we start talkin about tony, and i find out that it wasn’ thim the one i saw the otehr nite, and we walk back to her department and we all just start talkin about guys in general and how our lives are currently screwed up and we all told our sad and current tales and ends up that jared broke up with her but they go tback together and she and anna have the same ring but different colors, it was weird, then shes starts taklkin about how being pregnant sucks and shes like don’t get pregnant, don’t have sex its not worth it, it sux and omg it was soooo funny….. caz i remind ehr of the time where she siad we don’ tknow what we’r emissin, but now shes like wahtever… then we start walkin out and shes telin me shes gonn talk to tony and see what up wiht him i was like ok whatever, and we start walkin by all these isles and we pass by and we see 2 guys and i turn around with anna we’re lik eomg MATT one of our friends we haven’t seen since lke april and nicole tells me that shes in a hurry an fto come back in later thsi week…….. so we tlak to matt and his new rom mate and he was tellin him how we dated back allt he way to the dorms, lol and we hang out for a few, then we walk out adn they come out the same time, so they behind us and we’r ewating at the meijer lite and matt is yellin smack and i’m like ya wanna fight and hes like ya i’m like bring it and he gets out of the car runs up to us and starts ticklin me and i was laughin and anna is like omg and the light tursn green so we take off and they get beside us and we start raciing/being sutpid and we end up swtichin lanes and yellin at each other and we say bye….. then we decide to take another detour home and she drives by tny’s to see if he was home and he wasn’t and so, we start goin home and she decides she wants to go by steves site again, but this guy turns the same way out in front of us and i waslike anna and shes like ok and so she starts following him and then we follow him all the way home and i think we frekaed him out,lol but then we go by her bothers and codys again and shes see that hes wasn’t home and then we turn back and start driving towars 309 again and she goes by the laundry mat well she was like omg guys so i’m like thengo by again and she turns aroun in this parking lot goes by again and lays on the horn well we go down to this hosue and she turns around, well during this time she was tryin to get her pop open (we ended up not buying the nail polish and brush, but a pop) and its all shook up and it spills on her and she sreams so i grab it while shes turnin and she goes back by the laundry mat, well whlie shes driving by shes drinkin it while i’m sinkin in the seat so they don’t see me caz this time they were staring at us……well she drives by and shes like OMG and she turns down the next road and starts swervin and screamin and here she spilled more pop all over her and i was like anna shut up well we stop at the stop sign and i take the pop from her and we go home and my dad and sis were home and i was like he wont liek your shirt…. so shes like i’ll hid behind you so i grab my stuff and we go in and the house is dark and we say hi to everyone and she dodges up stairs and i go up behind her she hurries and changes and we get her stuff together and we go back downstairs and we go out on the back porch and we sit out there and talk some more about steve and stuffa nd figuring out how things are gonna work out this skool year and what all we wanna do and how we’ve become soo close and best friends this summer… .adn i’m gonna help her move in to her new house and its great!! well then we had officially dubbed this being the best day of summer vaca and that this is what it was all about… jsut have a whole lot of fun!! then i gave her a hug and she left and i told her to call me, well i go upstairs and get ready to take a shower and matt called so i answer my phone and we talk for a few mina nd his x was gettin mad caz he was talkin to me and she wanted to talk to him so hes said he’d call me back lata and, then i call shannon up caz he had called me earlier adn we talked for a few and told me how his trip home went, then i got off the phone and took my shower and called anna back, while trying to bandage up my severly cut up knee from that stupid razor  (it was gayi hadn’t cut myself in over a year) and she told me how that guy had called her back bu thten her mom came in and told her to get off the phone so me and lexi laid down on my bed and watched finding nemo unti li fell asleep and she went to bed….. well then mom came in and woke me up to feed the dogs and put cocoa away…and i didn’t botehr til the morning. but man oman i dind’t sleep well at all, i htink my dreams were reminissing everythign that had happened that day but oh well , it was sooo great!! i loved it and i think i’m a little exhausted now but maybe next week have another dy like that !! hehe dangerous and crazy……. its great!!




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