who am i?? do you know me, do you know what  i like, do you care? do you wonder, how it seems to work? do you even care to know me, do you even care to ask. obviously not caz you never ask……. do you know what is important to me? if you did, would you care too? i don’t understand. why am i doing this to myself, why am i putting myself through hurt and pain, and in the end i know its not right….. why……why…….. God help me do the right thing, help me say the right things, help me to take advantage of the opportunities you give me!! please God, please!!!!! its not every night that i come home and just start crying caz i know that everything is wrong and nothing that is happening is supposed to be that way…….. i know there are great lessons to learn from all this, this is why tests and trails are put in our lives to test us and make us strong…but what if we fail, what do we do then?!??! Just tell me how, tell me when, Lord, tell me why………





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