wow…… long days, well sorta, ok yesterday (sunday) we all got a good nites sleep caz we slept in until like 10 so we got up got ready for church and left like an hour later, i was mad caz honestly what is the point of going to church if you’re goin to be and hour late, besides we were there for like 30 min and it was over so me and deb cruised to delphos and then to see lish and shanon, and we came home cleaned up and left to go to the shop to work on our cars, but we realized that we need stuff so we went to meijer and grabbed what we needed (including nail glue) and dropped grant off at home, but me and deb wanted to go to jo-anns and see if there was any super cool fabric we could use to make the pillows we wanted for our cars…… well from there we ended up finding what we needed at walmart, and we went back to the shop (shanon met us there) and we swept out our cars and cleaned them and armor-alled and man they looked good, so we went home and got started cutting out patterns n stuff like…. well anna came over (bringin pizza with her) and,  we made our pillows and ran outa stuffing so we went to walmart again, bought a bunch of stuffing and came home to finish our pillow, well we decided we wanted a bonfire so daddy went out and started it for us, while we just kept doin stuff to our cars…………. well we called a bunch of peeps (one could come) and we waited a lil while and then shanon showed up, and anna left (also spending about 5 min by the fire telling stories and releasing the mystery of why anna and debbie were calling shanon MK hehe and man o man it was funny……but my car looks soo awesome and its great well we were lookin at my car and realized we wanted finding nemo to watch, so we left the house and a quarter til midnight in hopes of getting this movie b4 they close btu we made ti back in time,but b4 we watched it,i had to go back to the fire and put it out wiht water, well shanon decided ot go back a help me so we put on one bucket and so we had to refill adn shanon carried ti back (it was really heavy) but after it was out we jsut stood there for a min and he were huggin well next thign ya know i gave him a kiss on the cheek and hes says i been waitin 4 that then he leaned in and i let him kiss me…ok i did it, i finally let himkiss me, adn all the rest of the time i jsut turned my cheek and so we then go back in and start watchin findin nemo but then shanon has to leave and then grant shows up at like 1 and it was fun stuff….. but of course debbie likes grant and i suppose that grant liked debbie, and it was sooo cute, but ya now we’re all planning on goin to cedar point in a couple weeks so yeah!! but i dunno, so much has been happening it feels so weird to get back into the groove now, like i’m at work typing this, and this morning b4 debbie left i got up and finished some of my car stuff, and we just chilled and i was able to take a shower since i had the 124 bobby pins out of my hair and it was crazy, but actually having to sit down and work right now is like ahhhhhhh caz i just don’t want to work anymore, i mean seriously i’ve already gotten yelled at since i’ve been here caz i’m parking hte the customer parking spaces,and i seem to have developed an attitude this weekend, and it seems that i’m now and forever the bad guy trying to ruin everyones day, when i’m speaking hte truth or living reality…… i hate this, i’m starting to hate life, i hate skool and i don’t wanna go back, i hate work, i just wanna leave for like a month and not have to worry about anything, jsut live and breath and just be around a bunch of complete strangers where i can start everything over and not care who i am what i do or who i’m becomnig, just leave and be me… ya know!?!?! i really really think we all need that, but i dunno…….. is that wrong??  i’m so confused  lately, just caz with anna and steve and what happened there and then the wedding and then debbie (i miss her bunches ) and then guys, its like i can’t handle this , and i already feel like i’ve shoved God in a corner and only drag Him out when i need him or have nothing better to do which isn’t very often, its like where am i , i’ve been sent off into another world and i lost my way and i’m having troubles understanding peoples directions even tho they’re loud and clear and simple to understand, my compass seems to be broken………… omg i just wanna escape for a week and i dunno just escape…………….



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