OMG , ok the rehearsal for matt’s wedding went awesome, but it was then that it hit me…… my brother is going to be MARRIED, like the ring and the vows and the MR. and MRS. Neeley thing…. omg!!!  but ya, it went great, we all had a blast besides that fact it was 80 degrees in the church!!  but ya… ooo I got to  get my nails done too!! but by the end of the nite i had already broken 2, hehehe     oh well

and then today (24th) omg I was hectic!! I got up got my hair done, went to fix my nails but they weren’t open, so I got my make up done, ran home got what I needed, ran into a bunch of peeps!! went to the church…… (got there around 1:20) and I was rushing! but ya, then the wedding started (tiff looked absolutely beautiful) and I cried and it was beautiful, it was sweet, caz when she started down the isle, matt was crying…. and it was then that you can say omg he really does love her then i started to cry then….. and omg it was great, then we took like a hundred pictures,  then we had toasts, we ate, we drove around in the jeep caravans, (which was awesome) and we got stranded caz our jeep ran out of gas!! and we made it back like an hour lata, cold and ready to get changed….. and then me Anna and Debbie took off went to taco bell and saw Todd, jordin and zach, and some other girl (don’t remember her name) and we went back to the church and helped load gifts and we went to deans hung out went to the festival and then came home and now I’m tired but on the way home me and Debbie were talking about demons and spirits and our “guardian” angels, but have u ever just been by yourself and swear u saw a shadow that was real or saw something move out of the corner of your eye and know it was real, but nothing was there…. hmmmm just think about it, it drives me nuts!! oh well love ya all




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