hey hey…. long day ahead of me, but i dunno, i need to clean clean clean, and i don’t have my phone so no distractions, but omg 4 days!!! 4 days and my brotehr will be


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH its like some sick joke that someone keeps tellin me oh well reality will hit me sooner than i think int he mean time i just need to chill… take a deep breath, finish reading my book, do the rest of the laundry, clean my room and the downstairs and the kitchen and the living room and the upstairs and omg i’m  gonna go postal!!! oh well…its nice to know that God doesn’t give me too much that i can’t handle, and i have learned one thing this week is that , if u feel he gives u so much that u think u’ll go nuts and everytime u try to sort everything out and lay it all out on a big table to organize one thing after anthoer, then another reality check hits you that the table isn’t near big enough, thats when u need to pray and just let God sort everything out for you!! wow, i’m glad i heard that caz otherwise i don’t think i’d be makin it


but i dunno…. if u pray, pray for me, if u don’t well i’ll pray for you!! have a great day, and maybe i’ll post an update!!



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